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CDP has now released its 8th software upgrade (the first since 2014).

Release 8.0 (Oct. 2023) strengthens CDP's toolset especially in the treatment of formants, waveset distortion, segmentation and repetition:

Around 80 new processes, including:
– New waveset distortion processes
– New multichannel processes, including special tools targeting 8-channel and 16-channel arrays
– New PVOC processes, including extensive manipulation of formants
– New vocal processing tools, including many new ways to chop and repeat segments
– New synthesis and waveform generation tools
– Many small improvements, extensions and bug fixes
– Some special Wishart "experimental" and "scientific" processes

Compiled for Mac and PC.
Existing users are normally recommended to do a fresh install, rather than upgrade their present system.


PC: Windows 7 onwards, 32-bit or 64-bit. XP is no longer supported.
The PC zip contains a self-extracting exe to install CDP and the SoundLoom and Soundshaper GUIs, installation notes and full offline CDP documentation.
Download from HERE

The PC Lite version - without documentation
Download from HERE


Mac: MacOS 10.9 "Mavericks" and later, Intel 64bit ("x86_64")
The Mac zip contains a DMG file to install CDP and SoundLoom GUI for MacOS with full offline CDP documentation.
Download from HERE

The Mac Lite version - without documentation
Download from HERE

The documentation can be downloaded separately HERE
And is also available as Html at:
The CDP Website

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For Linux, CDP has to be built from sources: see our GitHub page.
Source code is distributed under an LGPL licence. It is 'pure' source code, not binary libraries which could easily be incorporated into 3rd party applications. The latter is a goal for which we need a team of programmers and ideally some funding. CDP source for all platforms is available via GitHub.

Dave Phillips has provided notes on how to build CDP for Linux - See - The Renoise CDP tool

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