Author Topic: Soundshaper (4.4) Beta-test release  (Read 665 times)

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Soundshaper (4.4) Beta-test release
« on: June 14, 2015, 02:55:52 PM »
A new Beta-test version of Soundshaper (4.4) is now available from my website: The program has been extensively revised to write and run entirely new scripts, which incorporate automatic conversion of CDP file-types and are almost completely channel-independent (running with mono, stereo or multi-channel input). One of the goals behind the revisions is to be able to run a whole multi-process patch within one cell. (For non-Soundshaper users, a cell normally runs one process.) Though this feature is not fully coded yet, enough of it is working for users to try it out.

Registered users of Soundshaper (Pro) are encouraged to download and test-run the new version, and feed back bug reports (by e-mail please). The release is not a full distribution, but assumes you have version 4.3 (preferably 4.3.13) installed on the same machine. This allows for sharing of text files and presets and also for comparison between 4.4 and the last release, if something appears to have become broken.

Following testing, Soundshaper 4.4 will be released as unregistered freeware and Soundshaper Lite will be withdrawn. The new cell-patch feature is intended for version 4.5, but currently registered users will still be able to access it (as 4.5 Alpha or Beta) before 4.5 is released.