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General Board / Problem running Soundshaper on Windows 11
« Last post by ratoci on April 22, 2024, 11:59:43 AM »
Hello, thanks for keeping the community alive.
I'm teaching CDP as part of my Electroacoustic Composition course in Mantova Conservatory (Italy). Actually Soundshaper works very fine on WINESKIN port for MAC but I have problem with a student with a Windows PC.
After installation, which goes without any problem, running any Soundshaper command brings out a glitched interface with many incoherent sliders with strange parameter names (DLbl1, etc.) and the error "SCROLLBAR PROPERTY OUT OF RANGE".
Also on subsequent re-opening of Soundshaper I get "-----SOUNDSHAPER SETUP PROBLEM...." with missing folders like when CDPR folder is unaccessible (but I swear, it's there, unmoved)
General Board / Re: FOF Strecht Breakpoint Pitch
« Last post by Phoenix cat on April 04, 2024, 06:08:33 AM »
I have the same problem.
General Board / how to get txt for FOFS?
« Last post by Phoenix cat on April 04, 2024, 06:07:38 AM »
In Soundloom almost all effects using FoFs requires a txt files for certain parameters. But I dont know what to write in that file. May someone write a default text for that file? Thanks.
Showcase / Re: Two compositions made with CDP
« Last post by Phoenix cat on April 01, 2024, 09:51:25 PM »
Hi, sounds like abrassive drone music. How is the original audio? I like it.
Showcase / simple composition from a newbie
« Last post by Phoenix cat on April 01, 2024, 09:23:58 PM »
Hi, I am an experimental noisician. This is my first work using CDP software, is just a sketch but I am publishing to get recomendations from other users since I found very difficult to manage the softwares but I suspect that it has infinite potential to alterate the sound.
So, I am going to explain what I did.
I recorded the audio of this scene from an anime:

in 10 different dubs (italian, english, german, chinese, japanese, french, tagalog, latin spanish, iberic spanish and korean). At first my goal was to create a fussion between two or more langauges for explore the results in terms of accents mixed or variations on voices combinations. So I used Soundloom, then morf and interpolate harmonics. I couldnt find the correct parameters so after run it I click on ok (I know this isnt right but it was the best I could do) I notice that the resulting sound is different if the order of the 2 spec files is also different, so I recorded the error sample in the 90 combinations posibles. After this, I used SoundShaper, spectral, reshape, accumlate and applied this effect in all samples. The parameters was decay 0.01 and no variation on gliss. Through this I got more than 1 hour and half of sound. I compressed the high frequencies and selected the best parts of the samples. After this I ordered it with a criterion that I cant explain but it appears to me that sounds good. It is a long track but it is possible to make and idea of what it is with 5 minutes of listening.

Here it is in wav:

I hope you like it and I expect critics.
Announce / Replacement file for faulty REPITCH program (PC only)
« Last post by Robert Fraser on March 27, 2024, 10:05:32 PM »
We've found a fault with the PC version of the program REPITCH, affecting the important GETPITCH function. The version originally distributed with CDP Release 8 (dated 15th March '23) is not working. This also affects further functions which depend on pitch extraction.

An earlier compilation, dated 2 Jan. 2023, appears to work as intended, however. You can download it here:
In your CDP programs folder, simply replace the 15th March '23 version of repitch.exe (if that is what you have) with the January one.

For new users, the PC program set for Release 8 will be updated tomorrow with the working version.
General Board / Re: how to create hybrids of 2 sounds using formants?
« Last post by Robert Fraser on March 21, 2024, 09:13:41 PM »
I've written a tutorial on how to create hybrid files in Soundshaper. There are many screenshots but no sound examples. This can be downloaded here:

Towards the end of writing it, when dealing with extracting pitch and formants, I found that the CDP function repitch getpitch was not working with the March'23 compilation (the one distributed with Release 8 ). An earlier version compiled in January '23 does seem to work, so I've made this available as a temporary fix while we look into the fault. You can download it here:
In your CDP programs folder, simply replace the March '23 version (if that is what you have) with the January one.

Robert F.
General Board / Re: how to create hybrids of 2 sounds using formants?
« Last post by Robert Fraser on March 20, 2024, 10:21:52 PM »
CDP has many processes requiring two input files. In Soundshaper these are normally loaded into two processing rows - A and B. Row A is selected by default but if necessary, click on Row A, then import a file by drag+drop or file menu, etc. into cell A_0. Then similarly click on row B and import the second file into cell B_0. Re-click Row A if this will be the primary source.

Select your process using the menus. A red box appears on the left side for selecting the 2nd source. Simply click on cell B_0. Then click OK in the box. If you are using spectral processes (for formant applications), both files should be converted automatically to spectral .ana files, behind the scenes. Select parameter values and click RENDER. The result should now be in cell A_1 - the next in the A row.

A simple example is CROSS, similar to VOCODE, which replaces the spectral envelope of the A sound with that of the B one. If the A is more static and the B rhythmic, you get a good result.

A word of caution: CDP expects the two files to be of compatible type. Processes won't work if one is 24-bit and the other 16-bit, for example.  If not sure, click on the cell and select CTRL+I for file information. All CDP spectral processes are natively mono-only, but Soundshaper can handle stereo files. I tested my CROSS example with a mono sound B modulating a stereo sound A and this worked, but I can't guarantee this for all CDP processes, unfortunately.

In Soundshaper's Patch grid, each row is a chain of processes from left to right, and the last cell in a row is the latest one for that chain, ready for the next process. When using two or more inputs, the 1st (or main) input will always be the last in its row, but the secondary ones can come from any cell, even one earlier in the same row. For example, if the source is in A_0 but the processed output in A_1 is significantly quieter, you might select LEVEL | BALANCE then click A_0 as the second input. This would balance the original and the processed sound.

Further information can be found in "Soundshaper Basic Operation", a pdf available from the "Graphic" page in the CDP online documentation, which you can access from the CDP website.
General Board / how to create hybrids of 2 sounds using formants?
« Last post by Phoenix cat on March 11, 2024, 11:18:45 AM »
maybe is a dumb question but I found very complex the interface of sound shaper. My problem is this: I dont know how to conect 1 file to another to make an hybrid of them. I constantily receive this messages like "there is no A_2", and other things. May someone explain me how to do it? I presume it will resolve other problems with the combinations of 2 files. Thanks.
Mac installation / Re: Batch files?
« Last post by Seán on February 13, 2024, 10:50:16 PM »
Hi all,

Practice and experience in the command line brought me to finding the workflow there more efficient than other methods (such as GUIs). It is extremely easy to write batch files for the command line. This is where the power and ease of CDP comes alive for me. More recently I write batch files in Python code which I find even more streamlined given that I can integrate python scripts with other things.

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