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Announce / Revised CDP Documentation Online
« on: August 27, 2016, 05:06:19 PM »
The CDP documention has been revised and a provisional version can be accessed online at:
or you can start here:

Most of the original text has been retained, but the structure and links have hopefully been improved.

You can download the docs as a zip (for PC - 66MB). First, rename your existing docs folder (\cdpr7\docs) to e.g. \docsold (to avoid a garbled mixture of old and new docs). Then extract the zip to your CDP base folder (\cdpr7). The link is:

The aim will be to keep the latest set of docs online and make it possible for users to update individual pages as required. A list of recent updates is available at!Updates.txt and future updated files will be accessible from .

The new docs have not yet been added to the CDP distribution, so now is a good time to email me your suggestions (rob[at] As there is now one set of docs for both PC and Mac, Mac users in particular can help by pointing out anything that is not correct for that platform. 

Improving the documentation is a continuous process and the next steps will be to create printable .pdf versions of the reference sections, as well as make more playable examples available online.

Robert, Documentation Co-ordinator. 

Announce / Soundshaper 4.4.1 released
« on: December 22, 2015, 08:57:03 PM »
A revised Soundshaper (4.4.1) can be downloaded from:
Simply unpack and replace your existing Soundshaper.exe (4.4).

The new version (hopefully) fixes two scripting bugs. The first affected the following CDP functions -
 - if the second Infile had already been converted to its native type (.for / .frq / .trn), instead of being auto-converted from a .wav or .ana file by Soundshaper.

The second bug was a typo (an extra '+') that got written into the scripts. This affected:
These functions mostly generate pseudo-soundfiles for viewing.

Announce / Soundshaper now a free download
« on: September 11, 2015, 01:03:14 PM »
I am pleased to announce the release of Soundshaper 4.4 as a free download!

Much of the Soundshaper code has been re-written, including the batchfile scripts used to run CDP processes. Almost 100% of these now accept multi-channel as well as mono/stereo input and incorporate the automatic conversion of CDP file types wherever possible. Many more processes now support different parameter sets per channel.

For those not familiar with the program, Soundshaper is built around a multi-process patch grid, supporting up to 16 different processing streams. Soundshaper uses temporary files, so that it is not necessary to save files at every stage, only those you want to keep.  New in version 4.4 is not having to save source files with a patch, so that the patch saves a complete history of a processing sequence in a compact form. Patches are fully editable and can be run with different sources. The text History function has also been updated to record parameter values more clearly.

Also new in 4.4 is bulk processing, implemented as a copy-row variant. A few mouse clicks load a list of sources to the patch grid and apply them to a process or row of processes. Another new feature is a composite process called Premix: a sound is given a prefixed delay, level and pan, ready for CDP mix processes that don't use a mix file. The dedicated Mix page has also been overhauled, again with aim of making mixing easier.

Soundshaper Pro and Lite have been withdrawn. The new Soundshaper is technically still a Beta-test version, and bug reports would be welcome. E-mail support is still available for registered Pro users (only) and the registration mechanism has been retained to enable possible installation on a new computer. New registrations are not possible, however; this situation might change if CDP is willing to adopt paid support. Existing registered users can also try out the forthcoming Patch To Cell facility, due for general release in the next version.

Full details and downloads are available at A more detailed description of Soundshaper can be read here:

Announce / Soundshaper (4.4) Beta-test release
« on: June 14, 2015, 02:55:52 PM »
A new Beta-test version of Soundshaper (4.4) is now available from my website: The program has been extensively revised to write and run entirely new scripts, which incorporate automatic conversion of CDP file-types and are almost completely channel-independent (running with mono, stereo or multi-channel input). One of the goals behind the revisions is to be able to run a whole multi-process patch within one cell. (For non-Soundshaper users, a cell normally runs one process.) Though this feature is not fully coded yet, enough of it is working for users to try it out.

Registered users of Soundshaper (Pro) are encouraged to download and test-run the new version, and feed back bug reports (by e-mail please). The release is not a full distribution, but assumes you have version 4.3 (preferably 4.3.13) installed on the same machine. This allows for sharing of text files and presets and also for comparison between 4.4 and the last release, if something appears to have become broken.

Following testing, Soundshaper 4.4 will be released as unregistered freeware and Soundshaper Lite will be withdrawn. The new cell-patch feature is intended for version 4.5, but currently registered users will still be able to access it (as 4.5 Alpha or Beta) before 4.5 is released.

PC Installation / Latest Soundshaper builds
« on: March 05, 2014, 08:10:42 PM »
Since Soundshaper 4.3 and Lite 2.41 were released for CDP7, there have been a number of important bugfixes, listed in KnownIssues.txt (available on my website):

Users are urged to download the latest build from: (see PATCHES section).
Most people need only replace Soundshaper.exe.

There is also a possible problem with listaudevs (list audio-devices), which was reportedly hanging and preventing access to Soundshaper settings. Listaudevs has recently been re-built (see Richard Dobson's post) and this may fix the problem, but if not, a workaround would be simply to rename this program until a more permanent solution has been implemented. Soundshaper will then read the devices from Paplay instead.


PC Installation / Installing Soundshaper
« on: February 16, 2014, 06:55:58 PM »
The CDP downloads page has a link to the Soundshaper GUI, either:

Please install CDP first.
Take a note of your base CDP-folder, for example C:\cdpr7 .
SoundshaperLite is a free product, but Pro requires a licence
  which you can get from the CDP website.
Unzip the Soundshaper zip (anywhere) and launch the setup exe
  e.g. SoundshaperLite2-4.exe or Soundshaper4-3.exe.
When asked, enter the base CDP-folder (e.g. C:\cdpr7) as the one to unzip to.

Navigate to the newly created Soundshaper folder, e.g.
  C:\cdpr7\SoundshaperLite2.4 (Lite) or C:\cdpr7\Soundshaper4.3 (Pro)
  and double-click on SoundshaperLite.exe (Lite) or Soundshaper.exe (Pro)
Select folders:
  (1) CDP-base folder, e.g. C:\cdpr7
  (2) CDP programs folder, e.g. C:\cdpr7\_cdp\_cdprogs
  (3) CDP DOCS folder, e.g. C:\cdpr7\DOCS

The program will launch and you can visit the Settings Page (Option>Settings)
  at any time to modify the above folders and add other settings.
Pro only: please visit the Registration Page (Help>Registration)
  and follow the instructions for registering the program.

Any problems, please e-mail me at

Robert Fraser 

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