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CDP Release 8
« on: October 27, 2023, 03:40:20 PM »
We are proud to announce CDP's 8th software release, with over 80 new processes written by composer Trevor Wishart. 

Release 8 adds to the CDP's toolset especially in the manipulation of formants, wavecycle distortion, segmentation and repetition, plus new multichannel processes and synthesis functions.

The CDP system is a comprehensive sound design toolkit of over 450 processes. Developed over 35 years, it covers almost every aspect of sound transformation, including many that may be unfamiliar or are presented from an original or compositional viewpoint.

CDP is not a real-time system or a suite of plugins, but transforms sound-files (or their spectral equivalents) to create new sonic material.

CDP is released under a Creative Commons/LGPL licence as free software for MacOS, Windows and Linux, with sources available on GitHub.

Further details,downloads,workshops,tutorials and more can be found at the CDP website:

Richard Dobson