Author Topic: Soundshaper 4.5.05 released  (Read 7041 times)

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Soundshaper 4.5.05 released
« on: March 12, 2018, 12:04:53 PM »
A new version for Soundshaper (4.5.05) has now been released for Windows. All users are recommended to download this version, which is available as an update to an existing 4.5, an upgrade to a previous installation of 4.4, or as a full version.

The Mix Page has been extensively revised and repaired in this version. CDP mixes are very versatile, especially for relatively short sounds and the revised page aims to make them as easy to manipulate as possible. A revised Soundshaper HTML reference for the Mix Page is also available for download and is included as a .PDF in the upgrade.

Quick-help documentation for all CDP processes has now been completed and is accessible from within Soundshaper. Other bugfixes repair a number of CDP functions that were not working.