Author Topic: How to add infile 2?  (Read 79 times)

Phoenix cat

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How to add infile 2?
« on: August 22, 2023, 02:07:29 PM »
hi, I am newbie using Soundshaper 6. I have a problem trying to get results with spectral process. I click on cell a_1 and select in menu "load soundfile", I choose a wav file and it appears not in the cell but in the rectangle up. Then I click cell a_2 and choose another wav file. The second file replaces the first in the rectangle. I click again in cell a_1 and choose SPECTRAL. The situation in all efects is that the infile 2 it isnt choosen, it says "none". So, how to add infile 2? The pink window for load the second file doesnt appears. Please help.

Robert Fraser

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Re: How to add infile 2?
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2023, 05:46:13 PM »
Hi Phoenix,
The rows in Soundshaper's patch grid are chains of processes, each going from left to right. So your source should appear in A_0, not A_1, and when you've processed it, the output will be in A_1. (A_2 would be for the output of the next process, if any, not for the second input.) For your second input, place the cursor on cell B_0 and drag your second soundfile onto the screen (or use the file selector). Click again on cell A_0 and select the process that requires a second input. A red "ADD INPUT" box should appear. Click on cell B_0 to select it and click OK in the red box. If your process is spectral, B_0.wav will be automatically converted to B_0.ana behind the scenes.

Set your parameters on the parameter page and click RENDER to return to the main page. The output should be in cell A_1. For a spectral process, this will be colour-coded aqua and should again be auto-converted back to .wav to play it. However, you can also hit F9 to do an explicit ana-wav conversion, if you like. This would be worth doing if you save the process as a patch, for example.

Hope this helps.
Robert F.