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a CDP Frontend in max MSP

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Hope some of you will get interested and possibly cooperate for a front-end in MAX MSP for live use and a modern GUI user experience

Would love to see this!

sure this would be more than great on the one hand. on the other hand i have to admit - as a heavy user of both max and cdp - i like the different approaches of both softwares and that cdp has this parametrical focus on composing. being not real-time is somehow old school today, but it also makes it special in its working procedure.

This is a great idea. it goes without saying many (most?) CDP programs are not only non real-time, they are inherently non real-time, so will not fit entirely idiomatically into an r/t environment such as MaxMsp. In any case, the more forms of GUI front ends there are the better. But we do hope in time to extract those processes which do lend themselves to real-time streaming into libraries which could be used to build msp externals, a la Csound~, and of course to build new opcodes for Csound itself.

It would great to document the range and scaling of all available functions' parameters, that would make the development of alternate frontends much easier !


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