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My instrumental album about Climate Change


Hey all,
   I was first getting into CDP about a year ago, and used it heavily in the creation of an album I released this summer called Music for Icebergs.

Music for Icebergs is am ambient/soundscape album that places the listener in the Antarctic. I've been describing it as a modern-day tone poem because it has a loose narrative, beginning in pre-history with the formation of the ice pack, going through human exploration/exploitaion, through to the present day. It's a little bit Eno, a little bit Aarvo Paart, a little bit contemporary film score.

I used CDP's Texture, Spectral morphing, and Varibank programs for some of the signature sounds, and blended it with synth VI's, guitar, and my French horn.

It's for sale on iTunes here:

Or is also on most major streaming services, if you subscribe to those: (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, etc. )

Hope you like it!


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