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my track with lots of cdp processing


a majority of the processing in this was done with CDP (in Soundshaper) and arranged/edited in ableton live. some nice soundscapes in the first couple minutes from a party buzzer sample.

Louwrens Ferreira:
This is great!


--- Quote from: Louwrens Ferreira on October 29, 2017, 08:14:25 AM ---This is great!

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thank you!! :) not to self-deprecate or anything, but i'm quite critical of it looking back bc I feel my cdp usage was quite surface level, tbh. I hope to become more skilled and meticulous as I learn the software more. Ive been spending a lot of time lately learning to use the Sound Loom efficiently, exploring its facilities, and wow... becoming my FAVORITE front-end (Soundshaper is fun as well - Sound Loom is just more fleshed out, though perhaps not nearly as accessible in design as Soundshaper is, which I used for this track.) it has a learning curve and a lot is quirky and sorta counterintuitive, but once you catch on to its logic (and KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS!!) it actually gets VERY fun!


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