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Finished up an album I've been working on for a while last week and several of the tracks use a good bit of CDP content.

Specifically the tracks "Precision, Vibration" and "Emulation".

Really nice work! Nylon is my favorite. I am just diving in and hope results as interesting. I see you are in Asheville, I played a festival there a couple of years ago. Gorgeous place and I met some great people.

Thanks for sharing, I hope to learn more.

greetings fellow north carolinian! raleigh here. these are EXCELLENT!! if I may ask, in what ways did you utilize CDP? GUIs (Soundloom, Soundshaper) or commandline, scripting etc? again, excellent stuff. :)

Thanks! I used my own lua frontend. If you're interested in faster batch processing and generating time-value files programatically I'll post a link (only works on windows).

excellent! color me interested! I use windows.


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