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My first piece made with CDP


I transformed and structured my soundclips from NASA, ESA, LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) and LHC sound (Large Hadron Collider) with Soundshaper.

I'm looking forward to learning more!

Since SoundCloud allows adding comments on the timeline, do you think you could add comments on what source sounds and CDP processes were used during the piece at each moment? That might be educationally useful.

Cool stuff! Hope to see more from you.

Sure, here are the sound sources and CDP processes. I will add it also the comments on Soundcloud.

0:00 Gravitational wave chirp: chorus, reverse, interleave, repeat
0:08 Higgs Boson inner detectors: interleave, scatter, echo, cycle repeat, reverse
0:15 Higgs Boson inner detectors: interleave leaf 90
0:19 Huygens descent: attack, grain, reverse
0:23 Higgs Boson inner detectors: interleave leaf 5
0:27 Kepler: part reverse, echo, interleave, phase, spread
0:30 Gravitational wave chirp 2: echo, chorus
0:31 Kepler: pulse
0:34 Comets: interleave
0:36 Stardust: telescope, timewarp
0:37 Higgs Boson sweep tracks: spread, chorus
0:42 Gravitational wave chirp 2: echo, chorus, reverse
0:43 Higgs Boson sweep clusters: spread, chorus
0:47 Leonids: interleave leaf 20
0:50 Sweep tracks: divide
0:55 Higgs Boson top quark: interleave leaf 1
0:59 Higgs Boson sweep tracks: divide
1:04 Higgs Boson top quark: interleave 1

Sounds good!


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