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Installing Soundshaper
« on: February 16, 2014, 06:55:58 PM »
The CDP downloads page has a link to the Soundshaper GUI, either:

Please install CDP first.
Take a note of your base CDP-folder, for example C:\cdpr7 .
SoundshaperLite is a free product, but Pro requires a licence
  which you can get from the CDP website.
Unzip the Soundshaper zip (anywhere) and launch the setup exe
  e.g. SoundshaperLite2-4.exe or Soundshaper4-3.exe.
When asked, enter the base CDP-folder (e.g. C:\cdpr7) as the one to unzip to.

Navigate to the newly created Soundshaper folder, e.g.
  C:\cdpr7\SoundshaperLite2.4 (Lite) or C:\cdpr7\Soundshaper4.3 (Pro)
  and double-click on SoundshaperLite.exe (Lite) or Soundshaper.exe (Pro)
Select folders:
  (1) CDP-base folder, e.g. C:\cdpr7
  (2) CDP programs folder, e.g. C:\cdpr7\_cdp\_cdprogs
  (3) CDP DOCS folder, e.g. C:\cdpr7\DOCS

The program will launch and you can visit the Settings Page (Option>Settings)
  at any time to modify the above folders and add other settings.
Pro only: please visit the Registration Page (Help>Registration)
  and follow the instructions for registering the program.

Any problems, please e-mail me at

Robert Fraser 


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Re: Installing Soundshaper
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2014, 08:53:43 AM »
It was an easy & seamless transition, at least for me!  Thank you for your great work, Robert!