Author Topic: Latest Soundshaper builds  (Read 6895 times)

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Latest Soundshaper builds
« on: March 05, 2014, 08:10:42 PM »
Since Soundshaper 4.3 and Lite 2.41 were released for CDP7, there have been a number of important bugfixes, listed in KnownIssues.txt (available on my website):

Users are urged to download the latest build from: (see PATCHES section).
Most people need only replace Soundshaper.exe.

There is also a possible problem with listaudevs (list audio-devices), which was reportedly hanging and preventing access to Soundshaper settings. Listaudevs has recently been re-built (see Richard Dobson's post) and this may fix the problem, but if not, a workaround would be simply to rename this program until a more permanent solution has been implemented. Soundshaper will then read the devices from Paplay instead.