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Announce / CDP GUIDE
« Last post by Robert Fraser on October 04, 2021, 07:56:12 PM »
A new set of documents called "CDP Guide" has been added to the online CDP Docs and is also available to download. This is a classified guide, which aims to help users find their way around the CDP suite. Although the Reference Documentation also groups functions together, it has become harder with each new release to keep track of related functions, especially as new versions or variations typically have different names.

CDP Guide classifies CDP processes and functions into five categories: Soundfile, Spectral, Pitch-Data, Edit-Mix (incl. Levels, Channels & Spatial) and Other  (Synth, Info, Data, SysUtils). Each function has hyperlinks to the available online Reference and a brief description. This is a personal classification and the descriptions are my own - they do not necessarily reflect the views of CDP. I'm sure there will be inaccuracies, and users are welcome to suggest corrections and amendments (mail[at]

Within the online docs, the Guide is referenced on the Home Page ( and the Tutorials page. The file is available from there or the downloads page (follow DOCS DOWNLOADS on the Home Page index panel). The zip also contains printable PDFs. If you already have the CDP documentation offline, the main folder \guide should be placed at the top level within that (the same level as \html, \demo etc.) for the hyperlinks to work.
General Board / Re: Newbie question: Process entire folder in Terminal
« Last post by uge on June 04, 2021, 06:02:18 AM »
Thanks a lot,

I'll start experimenting with this. Yesterday I was reading a book about UNIX and I was trying some FOR loops with no luck. But this is the key of everything. I'll try this and practice with it.

Thanks again,


General Board / Re: Newbie question: Process entire folder in Terminal
« Last post by rwdobson on June 03, 2021, 02:34:00 PM »
The idiomatic way to do this is to use the shell scripting facilities. It is a good idea to read up on shell commands (and practice a little before committing to anything serious). Simple commands can be done directly at the prompt, but most of the time you will want to create a text file for your script. Here is an example to copy files to a named subdirectory:

# usage outdir
# copies wave files in current directory to same names in directory outdir
# outdir will be created if not present
# copysfx must be in system PATH

if [ -z $1 ]; then
  echo "usage: ./ outdir"
  echo "outdir will be created if it does not exist."

if [ $1 == "." ]; then
echo "can't copy files into same directory!"

if [ ! -d $1 ]; then
    mkdir $1

for filename in *.wav
   copysfx $filename $1/$filename
General Board / Newbie question: Process entire folder in Terminal
« Last post by uge on June 02, 2021, 08:02:02 AM »
Hello there,

I'm enjoying using the CDP in Terminal. I would like to know if is possible to use CDP commands with wildcards (*) in order to process entire folders.

Any help with this would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Mac installation / Re: Not working on Catalina (64bit progress question)
« Last post by arterofm on June 02, 2021, 12:02:04 AM »
Hello, I have the same problem,
I'd appreciate very much any help on how to build CDP7 for Catalina also.

Juan M
Announce / Re: Soundshaper error when adding 2nd input file
« Last post by Robert Fraser on May 24, 2021, 10:19:52 PM »
Hi Luis,

Sounds like a CDP error; it's not a Soundshaper error message.  The sample is probably of a type CDP doesn't like. 16-bit is normally fine. If you'd like to send me the sample I'll look into it (email rob<at>ensemble-software<dot>net).

I'm sorry we've nothing in Spanish. (I don't speak the language at all.)  We could try using Google Translate on at least some of the documentation, perhaps, but someone would have to test that the Spanish made sense. If you're up for that, that would be great.

Announce / Soundshaper error when adding 2nd input file
« Last post by luis.abarzua on May 24, 2021, 05:42:51 PM »
Hello, i'm new on CDP programs and i amazed on how i didn't know about this before hahaha. (i'm not from USA or Europe so there's no information at all on spanish). Now i'm reading the workshops, and had a problem when i was trying to use a WAV sample of my own as a 2nd input with the workshop samples as the first one. the error that i get it's ''SAMPLE-DATA-TYPE error'' i thought that it could be about the bit depth (16) or sample rate but it's just the conventional. What else could it be?  :'( thanks
Mac installation / Re: Not working on Catalina (64bit progress question)
« Last post by anthonyp on May 20, 2021, 11:33:56 AM »
Any instructions for building on Catalina?
I can't find any on GitHub.

PC Installation / Folder and file names in Soundshaper
« Last post by Robert Fraser on May 13, 2021, 02:59:17 PM »
It has been found that source files will not load in Soundshaper if "special characters" are used in folder names. The problem arose when a user installed CDP and Soundshaper in a folder called "Aplicações", which is Portuguese for "Applications".

Users should stick to Roman-alphabet characters (as used in English) when naming folders and files, i.e.: a-z (lower or upper case) and numbers 0-9.
PC Installation / Re: Completion Menu for CDP
« Last post by otavio on April 15, 2021, 11:29:57 PM »
I have found a code editor, Atom, that is free and allows for creating autocompletion windows very easily. I've made it so that it fills up a whole section of code with all arguments already organized, using variables so that tweaking different arguments is simpler. Also created autocompletion snippets for the basic batch file format, with functions and 'header', as well as snippets for all types of batch for-loop syntaxes in order to iterate over a folder's sound files. Atom also already has batch syntax highlighting available through add-ons, which also makes it easier to work with, and has easy tabs to open text files for inclusion of time variation in processing. Here are two example images.

I plan to, within the near future, creating organized snippets of all processes of CDP in the same format as the example, ideally creating an add-on for Atom so that it is easily installed and used by others. Although I don't know if there are any others out there that would make use of this, I do believe this might be the most streamlined format there is to use CDP with batches, at least under my current, personal needs.
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