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General Board / Re: Problem running Soundshaper on Windows 11
« on: May 09, 2024, 03:59:44 PM »
Dear Robert,
I was not able to send a screenshot with detailed error message cause apparently the image embedding on the forum did not work, I'm sending you a mail.
Thanks again,

When you mentioned the "SETUP PROBLEM" message, it's a pity you didn't list the apparently missing folders. The message means that the value (folder-name) assigned to each of these listed folders is invalid - the folder does not exist.  Several of them are read in from the textfile Soundshaper.cfg - I'm wondering if your student copied an old Soundshaper.cfg file from somewhere and the program is looking for the wrong folders? (It's impossible to tell without the list of missing directories.)  However the one that could be faulty here is actually a fixed one: namely Soundshaper's \BAT sub-folder. If that were wrong for any reason, Soundshaper couldn't read the CmdData file and therefore the parameter pages would show junk instead of proper labels or ranges, exactly as you report.

General Board / Re: Problem running Soundshaper on Windows 11
« on: May 09, 2024, 03:55:17 PM »
"Soundshaper works very fine on WINESKIN port for MAC"
This could be very important for MAC users - I looked up Wineskin, but found different versions and I'm not sure which to download. Any help you can give on this, and how to use etc., would be hugely appreciated.

Dear Robert! I'm actually very happy too being able to port Soundshaper 6 to MacOs (ARM Based!!!) using Wineskin! I still think it's non optimal compared to a native Mac version because, given the concept and structure of wineskin bottle I still can't figure out how to connect a browser or pdf reader to open help directly from Soundshaper.
Anyway here the build I did on my ARM M2 Mac : (In another machine I have builds for Mac Intel, if you need I can send)

I'm using this version of Wineskin:
that I install via Homebrew

Let me know If I can give further assistance,

General Board / Problem running Soundshaper on Windows 11
« on: April 22, 2024, 11:59:43 AM »
Hello, thanks for keeping the community alive.
I'm teaching CDP as part of my Electroacoustic Composition course in Mantova Conservatory (Italy). Actually Soundshaper works very fine on WINESKIN port for MAC but I have problem with a student with a Windows PC.
After installation, which goes without any problem, running any Soundshaper command brings out a glitched interface with many incoherent sliders with strange parameter names (DLbl1, etc.) and the error "SCROLLBAR PROPERTY OUT OF RANGE".
Also on subsequent re-opening of Soundshaper I get "-----SOUNDSHAPER SETUP PROBLEM...." with missing folders like when CDPR folder is unaccessible (but I swear, it's there, unmoved)

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