DecodaMaze - 2009
Inflatable Interactive Environment for users with complex needs

The Magic Cake Day - 2008
Fun with interactive installations

SussexM erz - 1999
Twelve hour live internet celebration of the life and work of Kurt Scwitters - in collaboration with KunstRadio Vienna.

Cliffe Bonfire -1997-99
Archival Recordings of Cliffe Bonfire Society celebrations

The Big Gig - 1998

Live thirteen hour internet broadcast of student graduation concert.
A first in the UK !


MerzMuseum - CD - 2002 - in collaboration with KunstRadio Vienna.
De Tuin’ -Film -2000 - - Technical consultant, audio for picture.
Shiny Particles - CD - 2000.
Scent - CD - 1998 - Synaesthetic exploration of sensor readings taken from subjects exposed to commercial scents.
International Computer Music Conference –CD -1997 - 'Flight'
Shiny Blackness - CD -1997 'New Horspiel' or 'Sound Art' - Co-composer
Lewes Bonfire - CDs -Archival Recording of celebrations. 1997-1999.
The School Photographer DVD – 2005 – Producer /engineer

Robyn Hitchcock – LP/CDs
You and Oblivion - 1995 Engineer
Eye - 1990 -Engineer
Globe of Frogs – 1988 Engineer / producer
Invisible Hits – 1986 Co-Composer / producer / engineer
Don’t Let The Hope Go Down - 1986 Co-composer
I Often Dream of Trains - 1984 Engineer / producer




Stumbling Not Running – Part 2
International Computer Music Conference - Beijing China

Love Pavement
International Computer Music Conference -  University of Michigan USA

1997 International Computer Music Conference - Also chosen for ICMC CD
Aristotle University.Thessaloniki.Greece

Reverie: Shiny Blackness
1996 Australian Computer Music Association Festival Institute of Modern Art Brisbane Australia

Third Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music
Recife Brazil

International Computer Music Conference
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Hong Kong

Location and MDA Pieces’
   1995 Media Waves Festival - Brighton .U.K. Cannes Film Festival France

‘Location’ & specially commissioned pieces
1994  Media Development Association Launch-Brighton, U.K

‘Fry The Cars’
‘Sibling loops’
October - November - Rhodesia Plus at Europe Plus, Izhevsk, Russia

‘The Mountains to the South’
1994 1st  Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music -Caxambu-Brazil.
1995  'Digital Waves' Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia

1992 EBU Ars Acoustica Festival - The Cathedral of sound -Broadgate Arena London
1993International Computer Music Conference-- Waseda University Tokyo.
1995  'Discoveries' concert series. Northern College, Aberdeen. Scotland
Glasgow University, Scotland


Key Sonic Developments in an Interactive Installation for Children with Autism
Hans Timmermans, Gerard Van Wolferen, Paul Newland and Simon Kunath. Utrecht School of Music Technology, Utrecht School of Arts, University of Portsmouth

MEDIATE - a responsive environment designed for children with autism
Simone Gumtau, Paul Newland, Chris Creed and Simon Kunath,
Centre for Responsive Environments, School of Art, Design & Media,
University of Portsmouth.